​Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does For Pete’s Sake offer a sibling discount?

 We offer a 10% sibling discount on the second child when both children are enrolled in the same school year.

  • Do you charge a registration fee?

We require a $100 non refundable registration fee to secure your child’s spot.

  • How is tuition billed/paid?

Tuition is billed in 10 equal monthly payments and due by the 15th of each month. We accept cash ands checks. A 2-week notice is required for withdrawal from the program.

  • Do you allow parent involvement?

We encourage parent involvement (when we are allowed) through volunteering in the classroom and by joining our parent/teacher organization.

  • What are you ratios?

 Our ratios follow the EEC guidelines. Currently our maximum ratios are 1:10 or 2:19 depending on the class.

  • How do parents and teachers communicate?

 Classrooms use various forms of communication such as apps (ClassTag, Brightwheel),emails and Google Meets. We are always available by phone during the school day as well.


  • Do children play outside each day?

Our half day classrooms play outside for 45 minutes each day. Our full day classrooms play outside twice a day for 45 minutes each time. We go outside all year round.